An Indie Maker's Guide to Personal Branding

The indie maker's complete guide to growing your audience and getting press coverage.

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Stop hiding behind your products.

Are you an indie maker or a solo entrepreneur? Do you struggle to get sustained traffic to your products beyond launch day?

The most powerful decision you can make is to stop hiding behind your products.

To get out there, build your personal brand, connect with your audience, and put yourself in a position where YOU own the communication channels with your users.

80+ pages of personal branding tactics

Proven techniques to get in the press

How to get public speaking gigs as an indie maker

Find your tribe and create your own community

Become a reference in your industry

And much more!

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Extra content to build your personal brand

The Bootstrapper's Marketing Toolbox with 40+ tools to build your brand as an indie maker
• Your Public Speaking Checklist
• The Personal Brand Definition worksheet
Work in Public extra chapter

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This book is not about quick growth hacks, and it's not making marketing look difficult to make you buy more books or courses. Reading it feels like talking to a good friend!

Melanie Massinger

This ebook is a perfect read if you are an indie maker, solopreneur and/or you want to create a personal brand and you don't know where to start.

Flavio Copes

A useful book for makers, bootstrappers, or anyone looking to promote and increase the outreach of their own products. Make & Shine is worth the price for the advice & knowledge it provides - a must have!

Toni Codina

With her expertise, general knowledge and credentials, a book by Anne-Laure is a worth while read.

Leandro Thomas

Still blown away by the love and care that went into such tailored advice! Seriously, this is not your broad stroke one-size-fits-all advice book; it is painstakingly crafted to the indie maker.

Kelly Miller

Once you finish reading, not only do you believe her, but you can see what she sees: making and promoting today is possible, sustainable and rewarding. You might just be overthinking it.

Faiz Hussain

Clear, actionable advice from a pro. This is filled with really valuable gems. I found the tips on how to engage journalists to be particularly useful. Very well done!

Gil Akos

One of those books you wish had read years ago. It's full of useful info and tips for building your brand. It essentially teaches you how to navigate the Indie Maker community. It's short, sweet and helpful. A must read.

Joey Tawadrous
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About the author

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

A former Brand Marketing Lead at Google, Anne-Laure uses marketing and neuroscience to provide indie makers with personal branding advice, so they can authentically grow their audience. She holds a MSc in Marketing and is a MSc of Applied Neuroscience candidate at King’s College in London. Her work has been featured in WIRED, Forbes, and more.

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